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Our Story

Meet Wendy & Jeffe

Hello! We are so happy that you have found our shop. Our story began in the Spring of 2004 after we had previously met through a local volleyball league while living in northwest Ohio.  After bonding over our mutual love for adventure, we got engaged in front of the Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas, married soon after and blended our families. We now have 3 grown children who are all starting families of their own, so we thought it was time for us to start a new adventure. What started as a desire to travel and for our children to experience the world, has turned into a passion for life near the water and all things that come with it. 

Growing up in Michigan and Wisconsin, we are no strangers to the sparkling beauty of Lake Michigan. So naturally, it became the perfect spot for our young family to escape for summer vacations. We enjoyed the jeep life, swimming, walking along the beach, watching sunsets and even climbing Little Sable Point Lighthouse! Being ‘Up North’ as we called it, always brought our family peace and a little bit closer together. In 2009 we drove to Florida to take our first cruise as a family along with our good friends in the blue waters of the Caribbean. Cruising has since become a family favorite and we can never wait for the next time we get to sail away! When our girls were teenagers, we decided to start their summer vacation with a 17-day road trip out west. Although there was the teenage fear of missing out on graduation parties and almost three-weeks away from friends, the girls will tell you this is their most cherished family trip to date. Stopping at famous landmarks such as the St. Louis Arch, Four Corners, Painted Forest, Cadillac Ranch, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and many more, our favorite memories include surfing lessons and whale watching in Newport Beach, CA and just stopping to enjoy the peace and serenity at a running river in Colorado. 

After our youngest left for college, we decided to make our way south, first living near Nashville for a year and then to Florida’s Nature Coast where we currently reside. Although it was hard to leave our Midwestern lives behind, we have always been drawn to the water and the calm and feel good emotions it washes over us. Since leaving northwest Ohio in 2014, we have adopted paddle boards, kayaks and even a small deck boat of our own!  We are learning how to fish and have fallen in love with scallop diving in the Gulf of Mexico just outside of Homosassa and Crystal River during the summer months. Whether it was swimming with the kids in our backyard pool in Ohio, watching the sunset from our new favorite beaches around the world or just enjoying a riverside lunch, water has always been life giving and good for our souls. No matter where you are or where you plan to go next, we hope our products here at H2O FOR THE SOUL can help you rest, relax and enjoy the love, family and friendship in your life.